Company Philosophy

Improve the internal management, continue to promote technological upgrades, strictly guarantee the product quality and assure system, deeply implement the technological innovation, become the largest supplier of automotive generator claw pole in the world and set the industry benchmark; provide professional solutions for various small precision forgings and become the industry expert.

Connotation of the Company’s Logologo.jpgRed is on behalf of youth, boldness and energy which is a symbol of young Longcheng; the logo is tilted to give a sense of dynamic, which stands out enterprise driving force. The whole logo looks like a speeding train messaging the rapid development of the enterprise. Either now or in the future, it will be the leader and the benchmark in the industry.
Enterprise VisionCreate world-class brand Set forging industry benchmark
Enterprise Development ConceptTechnology Innovation  Continuous Improvement  International Strategy  Industry Benchmark
Longcheng Core ValuesHonest and reliable, steady and dedicated
Compliance with laws, responsible for community
Work with each other, help with each other
Forge ahead, high efficiency and quality
Modest and humble, learning and innovative
Rich culture, harmonious development
Work ValueDeliver Excellent Parts Create Happy Life
Life ValueHappy Work Easy Life
Quality PolicyUse the best product quality, the most competitive price, and the best service and on-time delivery to fully satisfy the customers. Adhere to continuous technological innovation and maintain the shortest development cycle of new products in the industry.
EHS PolicyComply with laws and regulations; prevent environmental pollution; plan ahead to guarantee the new projects meet the requirements of environment protection and security;
Eliminate safety hazards; completely eradicate the risk of injury; be people-oriented to constantly improve the working environment of forging;
Adhere to energy conservation; keep improving; create a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy occupational environment.

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